4.5 Billion Years

4.5 Billion Years

I composed and recorded this song during the 2020 South African lockdown, on a Turkish instrument called the “Kemence”. It looks like a small violin, but is played in cello sitting style, and with only 3 strings. It makes this beautiful, heartbreaking sound, especially with loads of reverb, like in this song.

Whilst in lockdown I also completed a short course in Sustainability, which included studies on the Earth’s history, ice cores and geology. For a week I was obsessed with the incredible age of the Earth, and how everything we think is important pales in comparison to what has been and what will still come after we are gone. How to even understand 4.5 billion years in our minds? It’s too big.

For this song I used some of my own drone footage, taken in the spectacular wilderness of South Africa, to illustrate the immensity and age of our planet.


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