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I’ve recently started exploring the ocean, by paddle skiing, snorkeling and surfing. Even though I’ve always appreciated this expansive force of nature (thanks to David Attenborough), it wasn’t until I did a scuba diving licence that my eyes really opened up to the thriving life-forms we have in and around our very own shores.

I decided to make a little compilation film of some awesome ocean scenes – my own GoPro and drone footage, as well as some stock footage shots (the uber high quality slo-mos).

To accompany the video, I used one of my own songs ‘All You Need’, which I wrote in response to a lovely hike I did one rainy morning – “All you need is space to breathe, all you need is to feel free”. I believe this is applicable to any outdoor and natural scenario – having space to breathe and be free is what we all need, and what we get less and less of.

I hope this video inspires you to spend more time in the spaces that make you breathe deeply.


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  • Chris Sykes Posted 21 August 2020 10:37 am

    I listened and took a few deep breaths. That’s all you need. I like it.

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