Hot Water: Home

I dare anyone not to well up when watching this video.  The elegant simplicity of the song, coupled with the simple images of love under lockdown, are enough to swell any heart.

This wonderfully moving video is described by Hot Water as “our tribute to every single one of you & our Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition. LOVE, WATCH, SHARE, or DONATE.”

Directed & Produced by Uga Carlini, Towerkop Creations
Song & Composition, Donovan Copley, Hot Water, (c)2020SikiSikiRecords
Editor, Joe De Ornelas & Colourist Jarryd Duthoit, Left Post Productions
Artworks, Maryke Sutherland, Tin Bird Creative Studio
Publicists RSA Nkululeko Zilibokwe, Triple Double Media; Joy Sapieka; Melissa Conradie

Music video Feeding Scheme participants:
The Lavender Hill Sports and Recreational Foundation
Khayelitsha Art School and Rehabilitation Centre (KASI RC)
House of Love
Noorul Islam Mosques (NIM) of Ocean View and Simon’s Town
BamBoo Plant Fundraiser
Breadline Africa
Ladles of Love

Donate by taking a photo of thumbnails / scan code at end of music video with your phone and follow the prompts.

Hot Water have even included the lyrics and the chords on YouTube, so that anyone can take a bash at this beautiful song.


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