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As a Viewer, you become an Influencer

We make your support count

Locals Online gives you access to creative content from across South Africa, and gives you insight into the real people behind that content.  Simply by watching you can earn CREDS which you can donate to artists you would like to support.


As a Creative, you get business support

We help you engage – and grow – your audience

Every time a viewer interacts with your posts, you earn CREDS which you can exchange for business support (promotion, social media support, private or group webinar on a subject of interest to YOU, and more).

As a Business, you get new Audiences

We offer creative opportunities for any budget

Locals Online offers a number of ways for your brand to be associated with some excellent creative content. With the aid of our partners at What’s on in Cape Town and What’s on in Joburg you are guaranteed excellent coverage on a wide social media. AND you can stretch this promo further with the use of CREDS, which you earn via the support you offer to artists.
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