Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger

This little adventure movie was my entry for the 2020 Adventure Film Competition for Cape Union Mart. I knew that I couldn’t compete with the film teams out there who had the best cameras and biggest drones (right then, at least – hehe), so I decided to go a different route. To tell a tender story, with the backdrop of adventure and exploration.

I’m an adventurer myself, and I absolutely love hiking alone. Being in my own space, away from the chitter chatter, and with enough space around me to have my own thoughts and ideas. But I also realised that perhaps I love being alone because I’m more comfortable alone, and less comfortable around people. These thoughts and realisations inspired me to hint towards this in the story – so many extreme adventurists out there seem super brave to be doing what they are doing, but perhaps real bravery (to them) is being around people that love them.

As children we are able to immerse ourselves completely in the “epicness” of small-scale landscapes, especially with toys. I’ve had this little orange toy horse my whole life, and filming this story, with it as my “actor”, was the best few days I’ve had in a long time! I had to find super low angles, so that the epicness of simple things (like grass) would translate into the story. For two days you could find me lying in bizarre positions in Silvermine Nature Reserve and on Beta Beach, finding the perfect shots 😉

I hope this story touches you in some way, that on your next hike you might look more closely at the little things, imagining how big they are to something small 🙂


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