Say Something, Do Something

Say Something, Do Something is a dance production adapted from a longer stage piece created in response to the #AMINEXT #METOO movements on domestic and sexual violence towards women.

Janine Booysen approached me to turn a 15 minute stage work she had created into a short dance film. This was an exciting and new process of working with an experienced choreographer as director and trying to interpret their vision in a new medium. The choreography was created for the stage and tells a very specific narrative. So working with Janine we picked which moments would most succinctly deliver the concept while still showing off the choreography and then adjusted it slightly to be captured on film. Whether this was changing it to be performed on top of or underneath a table or against a wall, the dancers were also a part of the creative effort of transforming the movement for a new space.  Then when it came to editing, where I would normally focus purely on the movement and linking shots with the same flow, direction or energy, I had to tell a story which was a learning curve but one I am glad I experienced.

Choreography by Janine Booysens, dancers include Michail Labans, Tyra Petersen and Carla Scoltz. Videography and editing by Shirley-Anne Bezuidenhout.

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  • Melanie Mason Posted 18 August 2020 9:14 pm

    A very powerful piece; thought provoking!

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