Zooming In with Ami Faku

Zooming In with Ami Faku

The build up to my interview with Ami Faku was arguably the one with the most pressure.

Her accomplishments stack – Deezer’s most streamed female South African artist for 2019, the only newcomer to feature in the Top 15 of the Radiomonitor Top 200 of 2019; nominated for 4 SAMAs in 2020; and these are only naming a few.

For all the build up however, the interview itself proved to be the most relaxed. Ami was a refreshing presence of calm collection, allowing for me too to ease into things and enjoy myself to the fullest.

A notable highlight of this interview though is definitely the end game. While the games are my favourite part – a fact which is in no way a secret – this interview saw Ami stating how she’s not a fan of games. To summarise proceeding events, I changed her mind.


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