Zooming In with Donovan Copley

Zooming In with Donovan Copley

It seems like there is so much to say about Donovan Copley and not enough space to say it in. While my interview with Mi Casa started this journey, it was this experience that made me realise just how much I love what I do.

Lead singer of Afro-pop Hot Water, Copley has such a natural charisma to his character that it’s almost impossible to not get immersed in conversation. We talked about the release of Copley’s latest music video for Home, a work defined by elegant simplicity that explores love during lockdown.

The interview itself was splendid. Our chat went smoothly from the start and ended with Copley complimenting my “research and authenticity”. I ended the Zoom meeting on a high note before realizing one essential detail missing. A video file of the last 35 minutes. I had forgotten to hit ‘record’. As only I could.

I remember that day as one defined by fraught anxiety and the feelings of having royally slipped.

Luckily the interview was with Copley, a genuine gem of a human being who agreed to interview again. I sweat at the thought of such a misshap around anyone else. Suffice to say I now have a paranoia of checking that my Zoom calls are recording.

The second interview, although awkward at first, went just as smoothly later into our session. Only Donovan Copley would be able to have the same interview over and emit the same, if not more, charisma.



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  • Daisy Ions Posted 4 August 2020 10:02 am

    I love the approach to this video – so simple and so moving. Thanks Yusuf for the interview!

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