Zooming In with Lo Ghost

First a disclaimer: This interview was recorded a few days before my haircut – suffice to say I am happy it’s now under control.

And secondly, Lo Ghost – Shannon Devy and Evan Strauss. Reminiscing our interview reminds me of two things. A build up to the interview defined by giddy anticipation; an almost tangible warmth that flushed my cheeks as we talked about their music and relationship with their audience.

I first met the duo back before the world was turned on its head by Miss ‘Rona. I went to a charity concert of theirs at the Raptor Room. Held in support of the Beloftebos case, I was able to ‘win’ – read out-auction – a haircut (ironic?). I spoke to the two near the night’s end; a smile latching onto my face for the days to follow.

Lo Ghost’s music is an intense combination of incredible beats to force your body into a groove, before your brain has caught up, with poetically crafted lyrics to set your artistic sensibilities aflame.

Shannon and Evan have recently won a well-deserved SAMA and I am counting the days until I can get lost in another of their live performances.


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