Zooming In with Matt Carstens

When I asked about a collab between her and Matt Carstens, Alanna Joy described the Indie singer songwriter as “a genuine rockstar”, and I don’t think any can deny the truth behind such a sentiment. I dare anyone to try after watching our interview.

Describing his latest music as being a different take on heartbreak, twisting around themes of cynicism, our conversation was one defined by genuine warmth and so much laughter. Also tangents – many, many tangents.

My research into Carstens’ personality ticked all the boxes on my nerd-o-meter. Walked around school blasting My Chemical Romance? Potential tattoo of Pikachu? An almost obsessive respect for Japanese culture? Sign me up!

While the interview went smoothly, the lead up was just a little awkward. A flat tire and broken down car in Hermanus meant we had to reschedule, but also made for a great story. When the time for the interview came Matt was nothing but smiles and our conversation – if I may say so myself – had such crazy chemistry you’d think we hadn’t just met for the first time.


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