Zooming In with Roan Ash

Zooming In with Roan Ash

For future reference I think I need to put this out there – I cannot speak a lick of Afrikaans. And when an agent representing the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunsteees) reached out for an interview with Roan Ash, suffice to say that I was nervous.

Ash of course is fluent in English – of this there was no doubt. But looking at his past interviews, several of which I could barely understand, I felt many things. Although nervous, the excitement of such a prospect was overwhelming. Listening to his music and getting a sense of his style led me to becoming quite a fan; when the time came for the interview I was shaking in anticipation.

Ash’s music is the type of country folk you can listen to after a long day of work, under a sunset with a good glass of whiskey – yes, this is a reference to his hit song; no, I don’t feel bad about a casual plug. The South African singer songwriter has shown a clear dedication to his music, becoming recognised abroad for his smooth lyricism and personal approach to songwriting. He has even gone on to perform in the hot pot of country music, at the CMA festival in Nashville!

Talking to Ash about his incredible journey and experiences in the industry showed me just how worth it is to venture into territory that makes you nervous and to say that I’m excited for the prospects of his music to come would definitely be an understatement.


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