Zooming In with The World of Birds

I write this as 2020 comes near its end and I think I need to say – this has not been the best year for the Arts Industry in South Africa. 2020 will go down in books as the start of the Corona Virus and its many consequences.

One of the things that I look to as getting me through this year was my discovery of the popping band The World of Birds. Their song 2020, speculated (the song came out in 2019) by fans as a prediction of the year, is one hell of a banger. This song was my introduction to the band and I’ve since been listening to all their work on constant repeat.

Interviewing the band was like talking to their music – their good vibes and palpable chemistry were apparent throughout.

Unfortunately, since the recording of this video, singer songwriter Red Robyn has left the band, a presence which will surely be missed. This does not however detract from their promise and The World of Birds needs to be on all of our radars for the days to come.


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