Zooming In with Zoë Modiga

Zooming In with Zoë Modiga

What can I actually say about Zoë Modiga that doesn’t result in a long tangent about how fabulous she really is? Whether it’s her incredible fashion sense or just her bubbly, uplifting personality – not to mention her mesmerising musicality – a talk with Modiga is guaranteed to get your spirits up.

Ironically my first exposure to Zoë was through two previous Zooming In sessions. When I talked with Bongeziwe Mabandla and Langa Mavuso, asking at the end for an interview recommendation, both of them brought up Zoë. A very promising start – both of these interviews are among my favourites – and the lead-up to our conversation was looking good.

Our interview saw us talking about Zoë’s then-upcoming album, Inganekwane – ‘Fairy Tale’ in Zulu. And that’s exactly what it was like looking into her life, an absolute fairy tale. From her iconic style representative of her critically acclaimed debut album Yellow, to the symbolism of the cow apparent throughout her follow-up, the life of Modiga is nothing if not enchanting.


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